Friday, August 19, 2005

A Few Ground Rules

I want to make a few rules clear.

First: the usual insistance on civil discourse. This is surely a hot-headed topic, but I believe we can discuss it without biting each other's heads off.

Second: Co-opting the comments to make sales pitches for your chosen church is going to be cut short. I've heard most of them already.

Third: I'm not a trophy to be hung on your Wall of Conversions.

Fourth: I'm not awarding points for repetition of the Standard Arguments/Claims, and I'm betting that God isn't either. Talk to me; argue with me; but don't posture.

Fifth: Absolutely no discussion of civil politics.

Sixth: I am not my church. If you feel you must denounce ECUSA, don't do it here. (Individual bishops and other clerics may be denounced within reasonable limits, subject to Rule Four.)

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