Monday, January 09, 2006

Literally Stupid

Over at titusonenine I seem to have missed a hilarious resolution from the Diocese of Vermont for a "Episcopal Coalition to Abolish Biblical Literalism" whose purpose would be to
free our Episcopal and Anglican Church from the slavery of Biblical Literalism which might be used to separate us from our sisters and brothers made in the image of God and used to marginalize persons who may be different from us: persons of color, women, and gay and lesbian persons

As at least one commenter says, it's hard to distinguish this for parody, and as one John B. writes:
This is the sort of thing that makes traditional Christians believe that reappraisers in ECUSA are acting in bad faith when they promote “diversity.” As this resolution shows, once reappraisers are in power, they really don’t want diversity.

It wouldn't be the first time, of course; the canonical changes to force ordination of women on every diocese is a precendent.

Looking for biblical literalists among the Anglicans is, naturally, a pretty pathetic affair, and the hunt for them is an exercise in "cheap shot" theology. In this particular resolution, the operating principle of "we'll not have the bible teaching us anything about sexuality, thank you!" is obvious; if liberalism is a problem (and in ECUSA I don't think it ever is) then this resolution is the preposterous overreaction in the other direction.

What is utterly obvious is that serious discussion of sexuality is impossible, if so inane a principle is even to be given a hearing.

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