Friday, November 02, 2012

A Couple of Lawrence Observations

...not from me, but I wanted to point them out. First, from The Living Church we have Dumbing Abandonment Down about the questionable canonicity of the current forced abandonment process. Taking a bit wider (and more pointed) look is Tony Clavier, who writes of Lawrence's "evaporation". There is little that needs be added to either analysis; I would only comment that it seems likely that the whole sorry process will be made moot by the diocese's and national church office's determination that the two shall be made twain.

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Matt Marino said...

One cannot help but wonder why we cannot swallow a bit of pride and go bury our hatchets before this ruins us all spiritually and financially. In the win-loss column I see:

Loss: Us, them, everyone who names the name of Jesus
Win: Lawyers, Satan

With apologies to my lawyer friends, I am amazed that our leadership can not add up the outcomes and decide to do whatever it takes to come up with a different outcome.