Monday, July 10, 2006

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Think of the Starving Children in India

The latest spin in the campaign to demonize the opposition seems to be this one, courtesy of the PB-to-be:
But it seems to me that the shame in all of this is that we’re being diverted from feeding people who are starving, and treating people with AIDS, and malaria and tuberculosis, and providing basic healthcare for children who are suffering in other parts of the world, because we can’t get get away from bickering about these issues. They are certainly important, but they’re not the most important thing in the lives of the whole world.
She must really think we are stupid.

The truth seems to be that she thinks that bending the church to the will of its homosexuals is AS important as working for adequate food, shelter, healthcare, etc., because she and her allies are willing to keep the church in a froth over it. In fact, I'll take a step further: it's MORE important in her scheme to gain and retain control over church institutions in order to put them in the service of achieving homosexual objectives. If she were really serious about the priorities she (and Fr. Jake, for that matter) keep bringing up, she would give up the fight, reconvene General Convention, and preside over the division of the church. That way both sides could have their sexuality status quo, and they could get on with the charity (and political arm-twisting of course) that she claims to be their basic work.

But instead the new line is that rebellious dioceses and parishes will be subdued and put to the work of the liberal establishment. It's OK for (again I turn to the Fr. Jakites) us to rebel against our British overseers, but not for those dissident conservatives to rebel against the "heresy" of the PB-to-be. So now more money is going to be spent by the national church to crush the rebellion, instead of letting the rebels leave and giving that money to the poor. The hypocrisy and intellectual dishonesty stinks. When 815 is abandoned in favor of Minot, North Dakota, when Mt. St. Albans is sold to the Baptists for a tidy sum and the proceeds all sent to Africa, when St. John the Divine is converted into low-cost housing, then I'll take this seriously.

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